Shipping Shutdown: Exporters Warn of Global Food Trade Collapse

Covid-19 as it is known is a Bio-Weapon released upon the world last December in Wunan China, from the BSL Level-4 BioWeapons Lab.. – the disease is bad and deadly enough .. BUT the disruption of Chinese Global Shipping (the rest of the world CANNOT survive if China stops shipping all the Pharmaceuticals, Steel and Strategic Metals, Baseline Food Products, Autos/Trucks, and all the parts and components of the modern world we CANNOT do without!!). The Global Food Chain is being implement right now as I speak!! 


Begin prepping right now – TODAY! Or be suddenly shocked, amazed and hopeless at what will arrive IN YOUR FACE suddenly in hours once it begins.. the statistically in evidence already today – think I’m crazy if you like – I really don’t care. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED – TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!   —  Agenda 21 is upon you like it or not.

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Feb 22, 2020

Global shipping has dropped off, and exporters are warning that refrigerated container (reefer) shortages pose major problems for food trade. Soil is even wetter than last year in US Midwest, presaging a difficult — and potentially catastrophic — 2020 season. UK is under water. China is shutdown. Australia reported record low crops. Grow food. Store it. Prepare for a limited collapse of our food system.


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