Wuhan Virus/COVID-19 Update: South Korea Cases Spike – Origin Could Be Natural or Synthetic

I don’t really care what you believe because some MSM newspaper, magazine or tweet has told you – I AM PRESENTING HERE THE FACTS! From Agencies like; CDC, WHO, WTO and UNIVERSITY MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER Virulogists, Gene Researchers, DNA/RNA Research Scientists and other respected Academic sources!!

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Coronavirus may be the ‘disease X’ health agency warned about http://bit.ly/3a2yH0B

UPDATE: CDC on coronavirus health emergency

John Hopkins Live Data http://bit.ly/2uJwsjq

Why the coronavirus outbreak is delivering a fresh dose of recession fear to the stock market https://on.mktw.net/2HMcveP

Coronavirus 2019 Definitely Wasn’t Made in a Lab, International Scientists Say http://bit.ly/2vWrhwW

Coronavirus Live Updates: South Korean Cases Spike, and Fear Builds https://nyti.ms/38UacT8

WUHAN VIRUS/COVID-19 origin could be natural or synthetic: NTU professor http://bit.ly/39VLNMR

WuFluLive – COVID19Live http://bit.ly/2wwIld9


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