Coronavirus outbreak: World Health Organization provide update as global cases jump | LIVE

The latest WHO COVID-19 outbreak update. Remember – take EVERYTHING WHO has to say with a Kilo of Sal..

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Feb. 24, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to provide an update as significant jumps in cases outside China have raised concern about the outbreak getting out of control.

South Korea has the third-highest national total behind China and Japan, and cases have rapidly increased in Italy and Iran in just a few days. Far from where the illness first emerged, authorities in Italy battled to contain Europe’s first major outbreak and Iran reported eight deaths — the highest toll outside of China.

Some of the clusters in recent days have no link to China, a worrying sign of the virus spread. South Korea reported another large jump in new virus cases Monday a day after the president called for “unprecedented, powerful” steps to combat the outbreak that is increasingly confounding attempts to stop the spread. The 161 new cases bring South Korea’s total to 763 cases, and two more deaths raise its toll to seven.


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