Ongoing Magnetic Excursion Triggered by the Sun | S0 News Feb.25.2020

I watched this mornings Space Weather News – a 6-minute quick recap of our Sun’s daily activity which IMO has become a Not To Be Missed daily view – and became somewhat alarmed at what has been realized for the first time in Science.

There appears to be a correlation between the Earths Magnetic Poles – both North and South – ‘run to the equator’ and the Great Carrington Solar Event which happened in 1859. You will recall that the largest Coronal Mass Ejection on record that occured that year – which melted telegraph lines across the entire country and melted telegraph transmission equipment and Aurora could be seen in Miami – happened exactly when the last ‘run to the equator’ magnetic pole excursion began. Sorry – but I DON’T believe in coincidences..

This means that the chances of our Sun throwing another HUGE fireball of gamma ray radiation, neutrons and positive ions at us coming up possibly during the current solar cycle, number 24 which is all but over now – we are seeing the beginnings of solar cycle 25 already., that officially began in 2010! Today an ejection like the one in 1859 could kill most, if not all, of our satellites in orbit, melt all long-haul electric high-power 880V wires and substation transformers on the the entire global grid and throw us back into the stone age. RECOMMENDED WATCH THIS MORNING! And every morning in these times.. here’s what to expect today if we are unlucky enough to be in the ‘line of sight’ of the next big one..


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