‘The Frontrunner’: Bernie Sanders Opens Up Big Delegate Lead After Nevada Blowout | MSNBC

And Then We Have Bernie.. can’t ya just ‘FEEL THE BURN’!! WTF?? Ya know one thing that has ALWAYS blown my mind is — why everyone is SO FOCUSED ON THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION – HE IS ONLY PRESIDENT!!  HE ANSWERS TO THE 435 – THAT  is what everyone should be focused on .. seats in the House and Senate – WTF??? You are ALL focused on the WRONG THING!! Presidents don’t make major change in this country – CONGRESS makes major change in this country!! It is CONGRESS, particularly the HOUSE, that represents YOU!! SENATORS represent LAND not PEOPLE.. did anyone ever graduate from High School Civics?? .. I CAN’T FUCKIN’ TELL!!

Feb 24, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders leads the delegate race after a win in the Nevada caucuses. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on how Sanders has taken “the widest victory margin of any race thus far” and how people can debate “polls” and rhetoric about the “frontrunner” but “measurable delegate count is what matters to winning.” This report also features historical context from previous elections, showing how candidates from both parties went on to win the nomination after leading the delegate count heading into Super Tuesday. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC.



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  1. People are working on the state level for primaries and they have had debates. You are right that Bernie’s “Medicare for All” which looks like a back door heist of Medicare is in Congress. Furthermore, it puts all power in the hands of the HHS secretary which will change every four to eight years and is currently a big pharma exec-lobbyist. Sure thing a big pharma guy will negotiate cheap deals on pharma and medical care. 🙄 Unless Bernie’s planning a coup, it won’t do anything but rob seniors of their medical care, as medicare trust is the only real source of funding. I predict that Medicare trust will have been raided and destroyed during the four year transition period. Then everyone will be forced to buy insurance, as in many European countries. The whole point of Medicare was for poor elderly to be covered, because insurance wouldn’t cover them. No system has been as huge and highly centralized as Bernie’s, either, maybe the USSR and maybe China. The public funded systems are decentralized in Canada, UK, Denmark. And, they weren’t/aren’t subsidizing a bloated private sector. They claim he may try to cut payments to providers by 40% but I don’t see it in there. The French system is highly centralized and it really sucks. The French hospital I was in was worse than the US Charity hospital that I am familiar with. Bernie brags that his plan will cost businesses $4,000 per employee instead of $14,000. He lets them off from the payroll tax for payroll up to a million. His idea is to tax the middle class-upper middle class. I am increasingly inclined to think that he is a social fascist, as his socialism subsidizes big business.

    And, yes, they can impeach a wayward President. However, Trump has shown just how powerful the executive branch can be. That is what I learned over the last years.

    The President can do a lot of damage before he is impeached and removed. Furthermore, some will vote Republican in an effort to block Bernie’s plans. A lot of Democrats who I thought were good are signed up for the Medicare for All, which is some combo of giant corporate subsidy and theft of Medicare funds. The proper order is finding ways to reduce costs-capping costs.

    I am increasingly convinced that Bernie is a Red Diaper baby – born a communist and Soviet agent and that’s why his father came in 1921. Or, he became a foreign agent during his stint at a Marxist Kibbutz in 1961. Nonethless, his policies look more fascist than communist.

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