Trump in India: A brief history of US presidents’ trips

The last 4 Presidents have visited India – in an attempt to make India the southern fence-post of NATO. Hasn’t happened yet – but what DID happen is Pakistan feels it is being slighted and that is NOT a good thing for the US, especially considering Kashmer is a ‘man-in-the-middle’ region that is accepted by Pakistan but rejected by New Delhi.. I believe DumbAss Doofus is going to Blow this entire situation sky high between 2 nuke powers in the same region.. NOT a good thing!

22 February 2020

US President Donald Trump is expecting a raucous welcome on his first official state visit to India on Monday and Tuesday.

He follows a long line of leaders who have made the journey. Some of his predecessors were greeted enthusiastically and one even had a village named after him; others stumbled through diplomatic gaffes.

Can history be a guide to how this diplomatic tryst might go? Here’s a brief look at past visits- the good, the bad and the awkward.

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  1. They are visiting India because we are owned by India Inc./ India elites. Asian-Indians insinuate themselves into all political campaigns now on all levels. They have the money, they have the population, and they are aiming for a total take-over. Once we are allied with them they will make us fight China for them and then take our weapons and finish takeover of the USA. Remember the American Indian treaties do not say American Indian, but Indian, and they have taken note – as per Nikki Haley statement.

    India is overtly (Seema Verma) behind both the destruction of Medicare in the Trump Admin and hidden covertly behind the Bernie plan to destroy Medicare (Ro Khanna).

    India’s allied with Russia and was allied with the USSR. Why do we want to go to war with China or Pakistan for stupid India Brahmins I do not know. I will take Russia, China or almost anyone over India if push comes to shove. Taiwan is also a big problem with their arrogant elites coming and stealing/buying our jobs. Taiwan or India are probably behind the Epoch Times. I frankly do not see why we want war with China. Because Turkey was a historic crossroads they are much more culturally kin to us than India. However, Erdogan has undermined Turkey’s democracy. Even China shares more of our values than India does, since they don’t have a caste system, and Russia more of our culture. The only people sharing India’s culture are Jim Crow southerners and other racists.

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