Trump Attacks On Juror Shows Lack Of Understanding Of US System | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

The US – right now – has a Rogue Autocratic Dictator running the country yet I see NO PROTESTS, NO CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, MASS LETTER WRITING TO REPRESENTATIVES, NO SPEAKING OUT BY TOP PARTY OFFICIALS – Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada!! I guess YOU have all decided that this is what you WANT? So be it.. I for one having served in the military and being a true Patriot REFUSE to participate in your ignorance, acceptance and tolerance of DumbAss Doofus. So.. ya’ll have fun now – I’m outta here! You deserve what you get by your inaction and you will pay a High Price for it!! LAST ONE OUT – TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!! 👀😳😯😮😖😠😡

Andrew Weissmann, former FBI general counsel, talks with Rachel Maddow about the threat Donald Trump’s abuse of the judge and lead juror in the Roger Stone trial poses to the integrity of the U.S. jury system, and how the attacks reveal Trump’s lack of understanding of the principals of the jury system. Aired on 02/26/20.




  1. I watched the ‘live’ coverage of the Ukraine Revolution presented in all its glory by RT and Al Jazeera. I watched as the Ukraine people REFUSED to yield in their march to physically extract Viktor Yanukovych, who abandoned his office and fled the country, as many Ukrainians died in the streets! It was quite amazing to see. THAT is how serious I think this country’s situation is! It was ugly – they were beaten with batons, gang-banged by the ‘black hats’, shot at close range and run over by military vehicles but they did not stop. Eventually – once Viktor Yanukovych realized they would not be stopped he actually “was airlifted” out of the office of the Presidential compound and fled the country!! That is the ONLY reason there is a ‘free’ Ukraine today|! UKRAINIANS are my modern day HEROES – THEY CAME OUT AND TOOK THEIR SHIT BACK!! We here – would rather capitulate and surrender..

    NO amount of Social Media, letter writing, passive resistance or rallies will stop DumbAss Doofus. THIS is a serious situation against a complete megalomaniacal, psychopathic, sociopath who is CONVINCED he can “DO WHATEVER HE WANTS”!! DumbAss Doofus will have to be taken physically out of office – I see no other way. He feels OMNIPOTENT and will never leave – he must be EXTRACTED! IMO

  2. People are writing and protesting from day one of Trump, to no avail other than putting a target on their backs. I hope that people are canvassing and registering people to vote, in case the vote isn’t rigged. I don’t think it worked out so well for those who protested Hitler or Stalin. Your blog is the modern-day marching. Open protest assumes there is someone to save us. If not, it just puts a target on people’s backs. There is no northern states invading the south equivalent, unless you are expecting martians or the second coming of Christ. The most effective parts of the Civil Rights movement were the massive boycotts and educating outsiders up north. In the end, though, it took a Civil War and LBJ. Both of those were undermined. I can think of no peaceful social change that led to anything better, which happened if the powers that be didn’t want, unless there was outside help. It just allows the good ruler or representative to justify doing something good. Then they can say – see I did it because the people want, but they did it because they wanted. The American Revolution wasn’t won by marching in straight lines with red coats. Nor were most wars. Have you never heard of the “Cell system”? The most important thing to do would be to work against Putin-Trump assymetrical warfare through education.

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