Markets not buying Trump administration is ready for coronavirus | Don Lemon

DumbAss Doofus, our Megalomaniacal, Psychopathic Sociopath President is going to NOT ONLY KILL MANY OF US he is also going to bring down the ENTIRE GLOBAL MARKET! This DumbAss needs to be charged with Treason and Obstruction of Justice RIGHT NOW TODAY!!  Where is Congress, where are YOU? Why are you not out protesting and getting upset? I have a great idea.. let’s just run out to 7-11 grab another case and a couple bottles of liquor, prop up a comfortable seat on the couch and JUST WATCH THIS DISASTER UNFOLD in Real-time.. WHY NOT????  But when YOU get sick and can’t find medical testing or proper treatment let’s see what you have to say THEN?

Don’t take MY word for it, see for yourself.. here is what the Markets are showing TODAY for only the past 4 days!!


Feb 27, 2020

Anthony Scaramucci and Catherine Rampell talk with CNN’s Don Lemon about how Trump’s lack of credibility is affecting how the markets are reacting to the coronavirus fears.




  1. Fahged abot it.. in the US there are only a total availability of 1M bed capacity and right now they are all full.. wait until the shit hits the fan in the US! They’ll be sticking you in Red Cross and County Homeless Shelters – OR WORSE!! Besides – I have a military-grade gas mask with 3x HEPA filter and 8-9 spare filters so I’m kool, and I can drink liquids and water without breaking the seal of the mask too.. LOL

  2. Corona virus is now in Brazil, so I hope you will stay near your home and local hospital and not travel about, and I would guess that where you are living is prepared. Big question is actually what Canada will do since their ERs are free they are overburdened because people treat them as walk-in clinics.

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