Troubling Reports About Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Outbreak Response – Day That Was | MSNBC

GET ‘EM LAWRENCE.. as only YOU can! LOLROTF 😊 Another whistleblower case in play too.. 😋

Here is the DJIA averages from MarketWatch as of today..

Feb 28, 2020

Questions are building about the White House response to coronavirus. A whistleblower report said federal workers weren’t given training or protective gear when dealing with quarantined Americans evacuated from areas where the virus was present. Government health officials and scientists have reportedly been directed to clear all statements and appearances with VP Pence’s office. And when faced with a stock market plunging amid worries about the outbreak’s impact, President Trump accused Democrats and the media of scaremongering, and downplayed the risk of an outbreak. Aired on 02/27/20.


  1. Agenda ‘targeting’ is indiscriminate – old, middle-age, young teen, adolescents and babies – are all targets. The ‘bottom line requirement is simply dead, cremated bodies! This is why they are using a pandemic as a weapon — it accomplishes all of their requirements in one fell swoop. They know that even THEY could succumb but that is a sacrifice they are expected to make unselfishly and with great zeal! Dead, cremated bodies is the urgent goal – and there is even a time-table to expected completion of the purge! The UN is a dangerous organization as is all their ‘acronym’ buddies.. OH BTW.. the IAEA began dumping the tanks at Fukushima in huge amounts 2 days ago!! These people have no God, no shame and no fuckin’ brains!!!! 😡

  2. IMO I can’t think of a better way for Xi to kill off half the population. “Accidental” release of a Bio-Weapon that is deadly then he is in the clear. No giving shots to kill people, no poison water supply, no genocide with aggressive weapons – just an “accident”! With highly desired results as it gets rid of half the population of Europe, Asia and the US at the same time – PURE GENIUS with no blame or consequences on the World Stage.. 😊

    And thanks for the confidence .. my goal is to show the world “Everything they don’t know that they don’t know”! LOL 😳😋😎

    • But, how can he be sure that he and his loved ones don’t get the disease? Why would Xi want to kill so many? This MD got by with killing people in New Orleans. If their charts said do not revive then she killed them apparently because she knew that this would act as legal cover and it did. Not only did she get off but is running about preaching that in emergencies that they should have the right to kill people.

      Anyway, we will see what happens, unless we die before it plays out. I can see Trump doing this, but not sure why you think Xi is so evil.

      • I can think of 2 good reasons easy; 1. Xi had to put out some VERY BIG markers to convince The High Committee to give him President for Life; and 2. Xi has NO LEVERAGE against the New World Autocrats. I’m sure he was pressured to reduce – immediately – 700 to 800 million people ASAP or he could not be included in “the club”.. Agenda 21 mandates reducing world population to less than 2 Billion people globally, and India but mostly China are responsible for getting those numbers down to targeted levels asap! Plus Xi knows the Chinese people – if ya don’t FEED them they will KILL you!!! And there are too many of them to fight against.. LOL

          • The New World Order Agenda 21 global autocrats have a written agenda to rid the planet of 3-4 Billion people ASAP. There is no right or wrong way to do it – it just needs to happen and fast! I have read excerpts of the actual manifesto – it is scary, it is dry and they are deadly serious about their goals! See for yourself.. ;
            population control and management are part and parcel to this manifesto – it is NO JOKE!

          • That’s a 50% death rate – roughly, if there are 7.6 billion people on earth. I’m sure that the elderly are in their crosshairs. Like I said, that MD at Memorial in New Orleans got by with killing elderly through lethal injection and is running around teaching people to kill patients during emergencies. So, I think it’s a good reason not to want to be hospitalized. Wuhan bioweapons facility is actually French designed and has training from Galveston, Lyon France and Australia. Galveston does primate aerosols for SARSCoV. The current outbreak is SARSCoV-2.

  3. My research tells me that the Wuhan Lab complex began business in 1956 doing pure research but didn’t go into Full Production as a BioWeapons facility until around 98-99 when China decided Bio was cheaper than Nukes and less ‘outwardly’ aggressive and costly! But NO ONE REALLY KNOWS what really goes on in China so we could be off-base by decades..

    • The 2003 date in the article corresponds to the year that the Galveston lab was built or planned and the Galveston lab built the Wuhan lab 2015 lab. I have trouble believing that no one knows because there are Chinese doctors from Wuhan working in the USA. We may not know, but there are people int he US who do, including the head of the University of Texas Med School Galveston National Lab director. The US invites them to visit and share and then gets mad and accuses them of stealing. I first noticed this with nuclear. They probably had a lab in 1956 and the 2015 was an upgrade. The article I read just mentioned the Beijing one. But, probably there was an older Wuhan and the updated safer one was first in Beijing and a new one built in Wuhan in 2015 with US help.

      The Chinese doctors trained in China mix traditional medicine with western medicine and they seem to be better than US doctors – maybe because in TCM if the patient died you didn’t get paid. Besides most US doctors are so bad that it would be hard to be worse. What the Chinese doctors lack are really basic things like hot water. I think what’s wrong with US doctors is they go into medicine to get rich. Those who were military doctors seem to be better.

      I just don’t think that was the best way for China to reduce population but they may have chosen it. In the past, they did the one child policy. They could just give people shots or something to kill them. For the Chinese gov to let this thing lose doesn’t make much sense to me, but it is entirely possible.

      All I know is that the Taiwanese are bad; Falun Gong-Epoch Times people are bad, but perhaps all three are bad. Two bad groups could be trying to overthrow the third bad group. And, it may all be posturing as everything in Japan is made in China and the Chinese and Japanese companies work together seamlessly, while pretending to be enemies. We have continued to pump oil in Sakhalin Russia, all while pretending to be doing sanctions, etc., ad nauseam.

      Anyway, you keep people thinking!

      • It appears you have removed the LIKE and REPOST buttons is this intentional, if so I won’t worry abouot it but if not you should know this.. like I said just because Xi has the ‘title president for life’ it still has to be reviewed every 6 years by the “Committee” and can be REVOKED if he missteps. Even HE has to do what he is told!!

  4. I’m really surprised that Trump isn’t taking this seriously because his grandfather caught the flu in the morning and was dead by the afternoon during the 1918 flu pandemic. Of course, wasn’t the hypothesis that this was germ warfare against China and Iran? In which case he might know what he is talking about. Europol is chasing a Russian black ops individual who tried to kill someone in Bulgaria and they claim was present during the Catalonia protests.

    🙄: “A whistleblower report said federal workers weren’t given training or protective gear when dealing with quarantined Americans evacuated from areas where the virus was present. Government health officials and scientists have reportedly been directed to clear all statements and appearances with VP Pence’s office.”

    • No one “attacked” China. China – from within – knew it MUST eliminate at least 700-800 Million people or risk total revolution. Chinese history is filled with ‘fallen dynasties’ due to food shortages, overpopulation and extremely limited resources that ONLY went to the Elites. You can blame President Xi for this entire global pandemic because he thought he could contain the release in China ONLY!! What a fuckin’ DumbAss.. they had the antidote so they thought – but it didn’t work as anticipated – THEN they knew they were in Deep Shit!! China did this to ITSELF and NOW – to the entire World!! IMO

      The problem has always been – when it comes to Bio-Weapons – once the contaminant is released into “the wild” it changes, evolves, mutates and becomes more – or sometimes less – virulent once it sees that it CAN! It cannot be controlled and once so many mutations and evolutions take place – guess what – the Antidote NO LONGER WORKS and all ‘controls’ become useless. You cannot now, nor will you EVER be able to control Bacteria or Virus OUTSIDE the lab!! COVID-19, SARS before that, mRSS, Ebola and HIV all make my point – ALL of them were lab research experiments in the Wuhan, China BSL-1 BioLab. Every one of them were experimental Bio-Weapons trials that went astray upon release – accidental or purposeful!! Citations are quickly disappearing off the Net so I am unable to find what I was just reading about ONLY LAST WEEK!!! Sorry..

      • It’s connected to Galveston lab, which is one thing which put the idea in my head. Galveston was a major mob city and also where the Trump wall builders are from: Of course, I am confused as to whether Trump loves or hates Xi. Wuhan lab is new, but there was the Beijing lab. China has come up with better ways to get rid of people, but we will never know I guess. Remember China isn’t Taiwan. Most of the Chinese jerks in the USA, like McConnell’s wife are Taiwanese/Chinese nationalists.

      • I realized that Trump and Xi could be working together to kill them off. It seems to be a joint lab. It may have been designed to kill mostly certain populations, which are more genetically susceptible.

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