Why Do Things Spin? – with Hugh Hunt

I have a short list of things that just amaze and excite me in the world. Basic raw Science Principles are one of them – I seek out online lessons and talk demonstrations that reveal the raw basic principles of Science. Things like – darkness is due to the absence of light but light is NOT due to the absence of darkness and “why do things inherently spin”?

I like the foundations of Science and the result of those founding principles in/on our everyday existence. BTW – the phenomena of spin is demonstrated in nature from the Plank Length where you with  Particle Accelerator experiments seeking quarks, neutrons, protons and electrons to the entire Universe – Galaxies and Solar Systems – spin is UBIQUITOUS in nature! Hugh Hunt does a great job of explaining ‘Spin’ here.. ENJOY!

Feb 27, 2020

Why does a spinning top stand up? Why doesn’t a rolling wheel fall over? And how does a falling cat always manage to land on its feet?

You can find more of Hugh’s work on his website here: http://www2.eng.cam.ac.uk/~hemh1/

From topspin in tennis, to angular momentum in ballet dancers, to satellites in space, spinning things are strange. Hugh Hunt explores the common underlying threads that link all of these interesting phenomena, using examples ranging all the way from boomerangs to cats in this talk for our family programme.

Hugh Hunt is a Reader in Engineering Dynamics and Vibration at Cambridge University. His research centres on the control of noise and vibration from underground railways.

He is now promoting other technologies for the removal of non-CO2 greenhouse gases and also runs the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series which aims to raise awareness of the urgency around climate change. This talk was filmed in the Ri on 7 February 2020.


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