Lawrence: ‘You Had A Right To Feel That Women Were Next’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Tell it like it IS Lawrence.. more coming today on Elizabeth Warren! IMO the most qualified candidate for President in this entire field of 2020 – BAR NONE as you will see..

Mar 6, 2020

Lawrence considers what America is capable of after Senator Elizabeth Warren ended her presidential campaign and the hopes that 2020 might deliver America’s first woman president.


  1. Egad.. Kamala is like a “bad dream, or worse a freakin’ NIGHTMARE” in my life. She’s like a democratic whore of a mushroom – she just keeps popping up in my life everywhere all the time.. WTF? 😒😕😣😩😫😖😵😠😡💩

    And EVERYONE is missing the f*ckin’ boat.. the President ain’t shit when it comes right down to it – it’s the SENATE everyone needs to be focused on! They’ve turned this Presidential Election thing in to an ugly, ‘waste of time’ bad sitcom, with bad ratings, on every single channel that we just cannot NOT see and it really don’t mean Shit from Shinola about ANYTHING in our day-to-day miserable lives!! GOVERNORS and CONGRESS RULES. As you see NOW when there is a “do nothing” Congress and each state has a “do nothing” governor and state legislature, a DumbAss Doofus can ‘run amok’ and there is nothing to stop his DumbAss!! WHY DOESN’T ANYONE GET THAT – OH YEAH – MOST HAVE NOT EVEN GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL, MUCH LESS WENT ON TO COLLEGE DUE TO STUDENT LOAN RATES BEING SINFULLY HIGH, AND ARE TOO BUSY BEIN’ A ‘BOOT LICKER’ – WHICH IS ALL THEY NOW HAVE LEFT – JUST TO STAY AFLOAT!!

    Ya know the best business to own in San Francisco with all those hills is a “Tire and Break” shop – pun intended.. and nationally now we’re all customers too gettin’ ‘tired and broke’! LOLROTF.. 😳😋😆😜

  2. Surely the most qualified. However, her idea of doing away with zoning is a disaster in the making with the end goal of putting everyone in coffin houses like in Hong Kong. These politicians seem to surround themselves with mindless or trickster people. But, too late now anyway. There appears a push to make Kamala Harris Biden’s VP. Even Bernie could put her on the ticket. I’ve watched her being pushed on twitter with pictures making her seem like an above-the-fray lovely saint. I think Biden’s co-chair Cedric Richmond (from New Orleans) went to Howard and that she did too. He may not be even aware that she’s not African American and think she’s like New Orleans Creole of Color. I’m not certain that her father has any slave ancestry in Jamaica. He sort of skirts the question. People need to start making sure it’s not Kamala from right now.

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