As always during a GSM (Grand Solar Minimum) volcanoes tend to ‘come alive’ erupting often simultaneously around the world affecting crop yields, drinking water and basic suvival. We entered a new GSM in 2014 and will descend further and remain there for anywhere from 30-70 years going forward. Below are a few of the primary threats known historically to erupt during these periods – it is a natural cycle caused by the Sun and cannot be stopped or regulated – the only thing to do is be prepared, educate yourself to the past cycles and how they played out on the world populations and prep, prep, prep..

Hero pic erupting volcano

Despite the dangers, tourists continue to flock to these volatile places for incredible views and to take a peek at Mother Nature’s temperamental hotspots.

The recent deaths in New Zealand have highlighted the dangers of visiting active volcanoes. Falling ash, running lava and hot gases can create unstable situations, but the views are often breathtaking and the excitement of a possible fire show lures in those seeking an adrenaline rush. Despite the dangers, tourists continue to flock to these volatile spots for the incredible views, and perhaps bragging rights. For those looking to explore these natural wonders, all around the world there are volcanoes you can get up close and personal with (at your own risk, of course).

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