Chris Hayes: Trump Is Trying To BS His Way Through The Coronavirus Outbreak | All In | MSNBC

Despite the fact that I am running a small operation here it is upsetting to me that I missed this raw. poignant and candid news story here. Moving on, here it is now.. Chris calls a spade a spade here and pulls no punches.. Kudos Chris.

Chris Hayes: “In order to keep this outbreak manageable, we have to measure it properly. Because you cannot spin a virus.” Aired on 3/6/2020.



  1. Interglobal quarantines are explicitly implied in the Agenda 21 manifesto. As is BioWarfare. The document has been in the “public arena” since it’s release but NO ONE READS IT! If you have not read it I highly recommend it – it’s fast but scary read and definitely covers all the bases: The Problem, The Reason for the Problem, Current Demographic Analysis (primarily at the time of original composition but it has been updated for currency a few times as well), Exploration of Methods of Eradication of the Problem, Recommended Time Lines for Eradication of EACH Eradication Method and combinations thereof, Recommended Phasing Sequences. It’s all there.. couched in this marvelous “facade” of recommended processes of Global Development and “assisting”, “instructing” and “supporting” third world countries as they mature and develop in their effort to become part of the UN of the New World Order. It reads like a “positive forward looking” document but when analyzed is proven to be a “negative destructive manifesto”. It is 351 pages long but also contains multiple and considerable appendices – which may actually turn out to be more revealing than the primary manifesto! All one really has to do to begin to see ‘the light’ is just read the Preamble – which in itself is 2 pages. I’m linking to the original 1992 manifesto released in Brasil at the United Nations Conference of Environment and Development because I believe it to be the most ‘telling’ of the intent and purpose of the manifesto. But as mentioned there have been multiple revisions – so much so that they missed their timelines on most of the manifesto and have now released the new manifesto Agenda 2030..

    Make up your own mind – I’ve made up mine!!

  2. You really nailed what would happen with Corona virus and the risk of getting stuck wherever. I never believed they would impose this much quarantine. Quarantine sounds good but becomes complicated. In the past they haven’t even tried very hard to control diseases.

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