Special Feature: THE SAFIRE SUN

HERE is the PROOF we live in an Electric Plasma Universe ruled TOTALLY by Quintillions of Amps of pure ordinary Electricity!!!! Tesla knew this ALL ALONG which is why all his papers, notes, records and experiments were RAIDED by the FBI and CIA when he passed away. CHECK THIS OUT!! 


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Mar 10, 2020

THE SAFIRE PROJECT has become a commercial venture. Based on the discoveries of the last six years, the SAFIRE team is currently developing a nuclear-plasma reactor which will have the capacity to both generate electrical power and to remediate radioactive waste. THE SAFIRE SUN is an 11-minute film designed to give potential collaborators a quick overview of the project. https://www.safireproject.com https://www.aureon.ca



  1. No shit.. REALLY? How is it possible that DumbAss Doofus is such a DumbAss?? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,.. FYI – If you notice I’m not liking or sharing it’s because I am unable to see any buttons at the end of each post.

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