Disconnect From Scientists, Trump On Coronavirus Continues | Morning Joe | MSNBC

DumbAss Doofus does not care about you! You are on your own. All you have left is your State and Local government to help you. DumbAss Doofus just wants the market to rise – but it will not; it cannot – interest rate reduction by the Fed will DO NOTHING to stop this market going all the way down to 1600 within 30 days. The Market knows what is coming, they know it is going to be a TOTAL DISASTER and they are pricing the markets ahead of the disaster and taking profits while they still can!!. You heard it here first.. 😊

As public health officials and the CDC are telling Americans that stricter measures are necessary to push back against the coronavirus, the WH and some GOP members are causing confusion and seemingly downplaying the severity. The panel discusses. Aired on 3/16/2020.

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