Note from the Editor: Pandemic or Epidemic? Here’s the bottom line..

It has become apparent to me that the difference between Epidemic and Pandemic needs clarification – here is what Merriam-Webster Dictionary has to say about it..

Usage Notes

‘Pandemic’ vs ‘Epidemic’

How they overlap and where they differ


  1. No.. that is NOT what I said or at least meant. I only posted the dictionary definition of the terms ‘epidemic’ and ‘pandemic’ for general purpose and clarity of the terms as they are used today. I am seriously upset that; 1) They still have not enabled FREE testing for those presenting with fever, breathing issues, and have never travelled to regions of ‘high-risk’. 2)They are still hopelessly lacking in facilities for the coming epidemic in the US – and it is coming, hospital beds, masks, respirators, staffing, isolation units, portable oxygen tanks and pressurized isolation suits, NOTHING YET!!! 3)Interagency communication and data sharing protocols remain wholly INADEQUATE for proper coordination of a serious uptick of cases reported – the left hand ain’t talkin’ to the right!!! WTF?😵😠😡💀

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