Contributed by an anonymous associate of this blog.. you won’t find this info in most MSM.

Just received this.  Interesting!  Wonder if all these CEO step downs can be verified somehow???


“Right before corona virus came…

CEO of Disney stepped down

CEO of Tinder, Hinge, OKcupid, Match all stepped down

CEO of Hulu stepped down

CEO of MedMen stepped down

CEO of brands like Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works stepped down

CEO of Salesforce stepped down

CEO of Harley Davidson stepped down

CEO of IBM stepped down

CEO of T Mobile stepping down

CEO of LinkedIn stepping down

CEO of Mastercard is stepping down

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board 

And soooooo many more, but let’s just stick with these that most know about.

Weird they stepped down right before “Corona Virus scare,” almost like they all knew it was coming. 🤔🤔

Following it stocks saw their biggest crash in recorded history, worse than the great depression or the early 2000s hit, crypto markets started following suit. And governments are shutting things down left and right.

“Corona virus omg!”

This was a planned epidemic that needed a face to it for the masses to follow blindly, like the sleeping sheep the majority are.

This was planned for decades in advance with many short “scares” like Ebola and the countless other “epidemics” to prepare the human mind for the grand finale, “CoronaVirus” omg!

It is nothing more than a face.

“But all the governments are on it!”

The world is a one world government for the most part, most have just been too blind to see it.

This is larger than an attack on the elections.

This is larger than an attack on China as a global manufacturing hub.

This is larger than an attack on a single economy like the United States who just entered their largest economic collapse that will make the great depression look like a joke.

This is the forced introduction into a new era.

The online world.

Following this will be mass closures of brick and mortar stores.

The largest housing market collapse to date.

A huge shift in power and money on a global scale.

The largest lay off of jobs, because they have been a scam for so long, now they are finally going away.

This is all to make room for the largest influx of automation coming.

Malls will turn into warehouses and shipping facilities. Big department stores as well.

This is the rise of virtual sports and the first test of a mass market of it.

Virtual reality is about to be massively introduced.

This is a massive shift from offline to online.

Of manual labor to automation.

“Omg corona virus!” Keep thinking that.

Homeless rates will hit all time highs. Foreclosures will hit all time highs. Lay offs will hit all time highs.

Stores will run out of food and necessities.

Those who didn’t prepare for this won’t get help as there won’t be anything to help them with.

America will be hit hardest, because Americans well… let’s face it, some of the laziest people on planet earth, just facts. They don’t prepare they just react, and reacting won’t help you in this case.

If you don’t already have automated income, work from home stuff going, and I mean work from home for yourself, not a company. In other words, you’re not collecting a paycheck, then you’re too late and you’d better start finding a way online. It will be your best bet.

If you see this as the world’s largest economic collapse, you would be right. Nothing will compare to this one.

If you see this as the begining of Work War lll, you are probably right. But it wont look anything like World War l or ll, it will be done much differently with media control, fear introduction, and using “the people” as the weapon. Control the people, control anything you want. And media has conditioned people to not be able to think for themselves for this exact moment.

If you see this as the next black plague then you’re probably right, but it wont have to do with corona virus again. It’s just the face of this.

I could make this post go on forever. But let’s keep it at that.

Share this, wake up, now is not the time to play games, to take a break, to sit at home.

No one is safe from what is to come, and that is why the CEOs stepped down, they know it’s time to prepare for something much bigger than themselves and had warning before any of us. The elite always have the upper hand.

Share this. And let’s wake up to what is truly happening.  😳😖😜

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