Lawrence: Trump’s ‘Deadly Nonsense’ On Re-Opening The Country | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence is really pissed here – and frankly so am I – he speaks eloquently on what DumbAss Doofus is SAYING but NOT DOING!

I  myself am SICK AND TIRED of hearing “The DumbAss” saying we are going to be sending millions and millions of needed PPE, Respirators, Gloves & Gowns, Medications for testing AND treatment for the pasty 6 weeks – 6 WEEKS – it’s coming, we are ‘going to order’ this many of that and we’re shipping this many of these.. BUT NOTHING ARRIVES; NOTHING IS REAL; ALL ORDERS ARE PHONY and ‘DumbAss-speak’ that means NOTHING IN REALITY!! This President is a KILLER, a THIEF, a CONMAN and a LIAR STRAIGHT UP!! Good luck America.. I do not share your risk as I am elsewhere in the world – I hope you all make it through this KILLER Presidents’ Ignorance, Lies, Obfuscation and Fairy Tale stories! 

March 25, 2020

Lawrence O’Donnell explains why governors and doctors are in charge of combating the coronavirus pandemic and not listening to Donald Trump’s timeline for opening businesses again in the United States.

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