States Fight For Supplies In Absence Of Federal Coordination | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

DumbAss Doofus – DumbAss that he is – continues to refuse to put in place the War Act and demand the supplies WE STILL DO NOT YET HAVE!! Last one out.. turn off the lights! 

Rachel Maddow looks at how the lack of federal leadership on seeing to the medical equipment needs of the states has states competing against each other and even other countries, driving up prices. Aired on 3/25/20.

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  1. One reason Trump gets by with his lies is sometimes he tells the truth. And, the truth is that NY did a study in 2015 and knew they would be short 15,000 ventilators and that the Feds didn’t have enough. The Feds have around 16,000. So now Cuomo is trying to hog them all. He’s doing the Mediterranean merchant trick of asking for twice what he supposedly needs and asking for 30,000. Trump was giving him ventilators based on population, but now got conned into giving him 1/4 of the Federal reserve so the rest of the country will die. NY isn’t the only state with the virus. New Orleans has a much higher death rate. NY is around 1% and Louisiana has over 3%.

    You know that most of the victims right now are at Elmhurst hospital which is a NYC run “charity” hospital that serves Elmhurst, Queens (1 million people) which has the most illegals in NYC. And, it has lots of legal immigrants too. It’s around 40% Asian – mostly Chinese- and slightly more “Hispanics” from every country. The other NYC hospitals are giving their ventilators to Elmhurst. Trump admin was actually doing the right thing and parceling up the fed reserve ventilators by population. NY has 19.5 million and got around 400. Now Trump admin is giving them 4000. Trump was telling the truth they knew they would be short over 15,000 ventilators in NY AND that the fed reserve was insufficient AND opted to make a triad system of who dies instead of buying more. Meanwhile Cuomo demands 30,000 (twice what NY est in 2015) so he can get the stockpile. And, why? It’s for illegal immigrants as well as legal ones. The legal ones who are citizens we have to help but the others need to go home. Some rural counties have no ventilators. The Republicans only love rich people and the Democrats only love immigrants so if you are a poor or middle class American they’ll just let you die or kill you like they did in New Orleans during Katrina. (Louisiana has a death rate from Covid of 3% compared to NY 1% and many need ventilators.) Instead of doing penance and helping people to plan better for future disasters Dr. Pou who committed the murders in New Orleans during Katrina got it codified into law that they aren’t liable. She hid the murders under do not resuscitate orders. Now they are saying they won’t revive Covid patients because they may be short of equipment as well as medical personnel.

    You and I both know people in other states who won’t get ventilators due to age-based triage, because of Cuomo hogging them and the fact that there have never been enough in the Federal reserve.

    Lombardy Italy which now has 14% death rate has Chinese mafia since the 1920s. Since the beginning I have suspected that illegal trafficking of people from China plays a role and now suspect it in both the Elmhurst and Lombardy cases. We still don’t know how many of the serious cases are non-Chinese Americans, either. Chinese research thought Chinese might be more prone to get serious cases, because they have more ACE2 receptors. Of course, since we know that non-Chinese Americans can get serious cases, it’s giving people potentially false hope to discuss this. I had falsely pinned my hope on it. I think the first victim in New Orleans was African American and worked in the service sector – maybe as a driver of Lyft. And, they had a very sick blue-eyed red head red-neck who was very sick in upstate Georgia and had it.

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