The entire World is in extreme jeopardy – placed there by the US and DumbAss Doofus and his myopic, megalomaniacal, sociopathic and psychopathic ignorance in spite of the reality of the coming Million Death Pandemic the US is heading for! It is TOO LATE to stop it at this late stage – we are NOT READY for what is right around the corner and unavoidable now. Millions are going to die, prisons, jails, county jail farms, deaths of those who were supposed to ‘save’ us. Our doctors, nurses, first responders can do NOTHING to help us when they too are deathly ill and dying to do so. All of which could have been avoided if DumbAss Doofus had been Impeached – as he surely should have been!

Joe Biden will not be able to save us either. His Administration will only be able to build enough crematoriums and incinerators to get rid of all the bodies that will be generated as this COVID-19 bulldozes through the entire population killing thousands a day at its peak – just like the Spanish Flu of 1918!

I myself have been quarantined in the hospital for 6 days, tested and cleared of COVID but the rest of you have NO IDEA whether you are a asymptomatic carrier, only mildly sick, or suffocating to death in an ICU. Worse – you cannot even get tested if you wanted to and you won’t be treated until admitted to a hospital in serious condition! By Christmas the vendors of christmas trees will be out of business and there will be NO CHRISTMAS to celebrate – only online Wakes, Funerals and more death. GOOD LUCK!!

March 17 2020, 2:01 p.m.

OUR WORLD IS in deep trouble. This week on Intercepted: The U.S. government failed to respond quickly to the coronavirus and as it spreads, it is likely to overwhelm the outdated and overwhelmingly privatized health care infrastructure. Author Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill discuss the bipartisan ruling coalition that created and supported a health system where profits are more important than public health, how the corporate vultures are circling the crisis, and how ordinary people are rising to help each other.

They also discuss the Democratic primary and the looming fate of many states’ voters, as well as the last Democratic debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden and the two candidates’ platforms.

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