Andrew Hall: Large Scale Wind Structures | Space News

More research indicating Electric Plasma Dominated weather on earth and Jupiter as well as the rest of the Solar System clear out to Pluto.. 

March 28, 2020

The groundbreaking field of electric universe geology is vibrant with new possibilities. Standard geology proposes that the primary forces that have shaped planetary surfaces are periodic impacts, volcanism, and wind and water erosion over eons of time. However, on every rocky body in the solar system, from our planet all the way to the Kuiper Belt, the objects we see show features that routinely defy this reasoning. Natural philosopher, engineer and Thunderblog contributor Andrew Hall has established a link between the winds of Jupiter and landforms on Earth.

In primordial times, Earth’s weather was like Jupiter’s, with raging plasma whirlwinds and segregated electric jet streams that attained supersonic speeds. In part five of his “Eye of the Storm” series, Andy examines mountains and landforms to show clear evidence of wind-blown deposition that layered the land, supersonic shock waves that shaped mountain flanks, massive lightning discharges that welded rock, and plasma vortexes that blow-torched the landscape of Earth.

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