Chris Cuomo reveals his biggest fear after positive test for Covid-19

NO ONE is an exception; WE ALL are at extreme risk due to DumbAss Doofus ineptitude, ignorance, denial, abuse and neglect to the Oath of Office he took but does not adhere too!! DumbAss Doofus is a Fake, a Phony, an empty vessel, a useful idiot, a Sissy and a Punk!! HE MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE ASAP!! But alas, no one of US is standing up and fighting to your own detriment – your lack of action will come back to bite you and your entire family of generations – kids, parents, grand parents, nieces and nephews. This a travesty in history both in the WH and as a Populace. History will record your lack of action as neglectful of your flag, your country and your responsibility as a citizen – as YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP THIS NIGHTMARE TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. There will be HELL to pay. 💀


March 30, 2020

CNN’s Chris Cuomo started his show by talking about testing positive for Covid-19 and revealing his biggest fear about having the coronavirus.

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