Opinion: Audaciously, Trump is running for re-election as the Hero of the Coronavirus War

DUMBASS DOOFUS FOR REELECTION – CORONA VIRUS HERO!! What a gigantic, enormous, lying, misanthropic PILE OF BULLSHIT!!

Despite his inept response and repeated lies about the pandemic, the president works to create an illusion of success

Donald Trump never lets inconvenient facts inconvenience him. Failed marriages, failed businessesfailed policiesincriminating admissions,thousands of lies, and strong evidence of corruption, bribery, and obstruction of justice haven’t slowed him down a bit.

For Trump, perceptions are much more powerful than mere facts. If there’s one area in which he is truly skilled, it’s in creating the illusions that are so important in show biz, politics and business.

Remember in 2015 when Dilbert’s Scott Adams famously predicted Trump’s election based on his “weapons-grade” ability to hypnotize (that is, persuade) people by appealing to their imaginations?

Donald Trump is a public relations genius, and the coronavirus may be his crowning achievement.

It’s as easy as magic. Almost anyone can learn, with enough practice, to make a coin “disappear.” A weekend birthday-party magician can make a rabbit disappear, and a good one can make an elephant disappear. David Copperfield even made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Now watch Trump make a global pandemic disappear.  the photos and additions in the link below

Campaign strategy: Gaslighting

This is his election strategy. Audaciously, Trump is running for re-election as the Hero of the Coronavirus War. The crisis has barely begun, and already he’s planning the victory celebration.

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To win re-election, Trump must persuade a sufficient number of people to forget his stunning mismanagement and politicization of the pandemic and his repeated lies and denials of the threat posed by the coronavirus, and imagine instead that it was Trump’s wise leadership that pulled the United States through its worst crisis since World War II.



  1. I can’t say Wynton is a friend but I have met him on many occasions. He is a quiet, soft-spoken guy who would rather talk about Jazz and its history than anything else. He tends to not see visitors in dressing rooms and is a hard person to get to know unless you are a band member – and then it is only when working or rehearsing. Very private guy which is fine with me.

  2. I owe that one to my bots – couldn’t do this w/o them. If you have an ‘open mind’ to DumbAss Doofus he WILL entrance you. It is important that one recognize AND call him on his BS right after it exits his mouth or unless you recorded it you may not remember exactly what he said in the context that it was said in.. or worse forget that he even actually said it at all.. 😊 LOL

    BTW.. that was an excellent post you guys did on Ellis Marsalis, I especially liked that one. I will have to reach out to Wynton as well but I’m not sure he is at home in NYC at the moment – may be touring but he will no doubt attend the Wake which I am sure will be private and sparse on attendees. Good stuff guys!

        • That was so sad and his father probably got sick performing on March 6th. He wrote a lovely piece about his father on his Facebook. I don’t know which I would pick and choose now between New Orleans and NYC but probably New Orleans, despite the doctor who killed people during Katrina – at least it’s lower density. I met Wynton once 40 years ago in NYC, before he was famous. He seemed like a nice guy.

  3. Great article! That’s why I tend to agree with Don Lemon that they should only run Trump with annotations, The other word is trance – he entrances people – mesmerizes them. And, by force of repeating lies, people learn the lies and thus believe they are truth, too.

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