These 7 New Species of Adorable Little Peacock Spiders Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

It’s a shame that we are slowly poisoning our planet – the only one we have and it is unique in the Galaxy – with radiation/nuclear reactors; chemical plants that dump raw chemicals into the ground and waterways; agricultural chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers; massive air pollution with Tritium laced steam aerosols, carbon emissions, oil industry ‘flaring’ of heavy metal-rich aerosols; water and water table pollution from nuclear waste sites, nuclear burial sites and nuclear reactor sites.. and the list goes on ad infinitum!! ALL this before we have even taken the time to discover and get to know species of flora and fauna never noticed or seen before – and what a splendor they are.. LOLROTF.  —  Must see video included in article.. 😋😊👀


March 28, 2020      David Aragorn

Peacock spiders keep dancing their way into our hearts. They’re tiny, they’re colourful, they’re fluffy and they have killer moves.

Source: Science Alert

And more are being discovered all the time, thanks in large part to zoologist Jurgen Otto. During the day, Otto works for the Department of Agriculture as an acarologist, specialising in mites and ticks.

Observing and cataloguing peacock spiders is a labour of love, and it keeps paying off: Otto and his colleague David Hill have just named and described seven new species of peacock spider, bringing the total number of named species and subspecies of peacock spiders to 67.

Almost all of these have been added in the last nine years, each tiny spider with its own distinct colouring and pattern on its abdomen, or opisthosoma.

The males, much like their namesake the peacock, are brightly coloured, and fan their tails out in elaborate courtship dances, waving their fuzzy legs in the air.

They are smaller than they seem in pictures, too – each spider is just a few millimetres in length. If you live in Australia, you may even have seen them in the bush without realising… 

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