Apr 4 at 6:20am Special Feature: ORIGIN OF THE SAFIRE SUN

More historical and empirical proof of the Electric Universe.. fascinating!

It was in 2013 that The SAFIRE Project began.  Watch as Ben Ged Low presents the path of this historical experiment of the Electric Sun model from its origins to the present. After years of research, SAFIRE has emerged as a ‘Transformative Technology’ which doesn’t produce toxic waste, isn’t antithetical to life, nor does it bankrupt an existing system or put humans out of work.

For more information please visit https://www.aureon.ca

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to becoming a commercial venture of Aureon Energy, Ltd., THE SAFIRE PROJECT was under Aurtas International Inc., contracted by The International Science Foundation to empirically test the Electric Sun Model. Aureon Energy, Ltd. is an independent body which has no affiliation with The Electric Universe, The Electric Sun, or The Thunderbolts Project.


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