Mar 22 at 6:57am Special Feature: HOW STARS ARE FORMED

When the MSS community ‘wakes up’ from their ‘dreamtime’ trance they will be highly embarrassed that they kept with the Big Bang Theory for so long – AGAINST ALL INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!! The Electric Plasma Universe theory Karma will surely run over their Big Bang Fairy Tale Dogma.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. but ONE THING your learn quickly when orbiting closely the realm the QUACKADEMICS is that they have a “herd” consciousness and tend to never ‘break ranks’ for fear of ending their career for life.. 😳😣

This is a brief excerpt from The SAFIRE Project presentation at the November 2019 GlobalBEM Conference in the Netherlands. Dr. Michael Clarage presents a simple overview of two possible models for the formation of stars.

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PLEASE NOTE: Prior to becoming a commercial venture of Aureon Energy, Ltd., THE SAFIRE PROJECT was under Aurtas International Inc., contracted by The International Science Foundation to empirically test the Electric Sun Model. Aureon Energy, Ltd. is an independent body which has no affiliation with The Electric Universe, The Electric Sun, or The Thunderbolts Project.

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