Virus hunters zero in on a possible culprit

These guys are ‘smokin’ something and I want some o’ dat. Just because bats – mammals – have up to 96% of human DNA MEANS NOTHING!! Chimpanzees and other mammals have a higher percentage than THAT – 97%!! This is just a way for the Elites to draw your attention AWAY from the FACT – FACT that Corona has genes from SARS, HIV and mRRS — actually spliced into this virus!! NATURE DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!!!!!! 

EMOLJI MIDDLE FINGER REAL HAND YOU WHO, FDA, CDC, NIH, UN and ALL YOU OTHER FAKE QUASI-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS!! WHO is not a government organization it is a Private NGO funded by donations with a Corporate Org Chart structure – THEY ARE NO AUTHORITY ON DISEASES, Their CEO is ELECTED/APPOINTED They are a PUBLIC RELATIONS/PROPAGANDA AGENCY. Same for the UN.. WTF? WTF!


Apr 6, 2020

The origin of coronavirus are debated, but genetic detective work is leading scientists to point at one animal suspect, CNN’s Drew Griffin reports.


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