What Drives Trump Administration’s Stance On Re-Opening Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

HERE we have “Larry ‘chew the cud’ Kudlow, the DumbAss ultimate Cone-head, talking BS with his mouth full! 😊 If Brains were dynamite he couldn’t blow his fuckin’ nose!! I will be ‘backing-off’ of this COVID Horse DooDoo because there is NO GOOD INFORMATION on it out there.. and I REFUSE to spread BS and DumbAss Doofus ‘drool’ about what a great job he is doing.. sorry won’t do it!! What I WILL DO is post about scientific research and ‘breaking news’ that is factual and peer-reviewed on this Pandemic. If you want to hear about DumbAss Doofus’ latest LIES and BS go somewhere else.. 😷😡

Hedge funds, large banks and financial institutions HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID – while small business and YOU and ME are still waiting.. WTF!?

WH economic adviser Larry Kudlow this week spoke about why working is ‘cool’ again. Stephanie Ruhle joins Morning Joe to discuss Kudlow’s remarks and the state of the economy during the coronavirus. Aired on 4/10/2020.

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