Andrew Hall: Earth’s Cyclone-Sheared Surface | Space News

Yet another amazing essay on our Electric Plasma Universe – imagine the ‘horrors’ the ancients watched coming out of the sky – this is why they named stars and planets as Gods because they were SO AMAZINGLY POWERFUL and DEADLY!! Watch and learn.. ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜Š

Andrew has an entire 10-part series of his theories – and they are compelling to say the least. They are listed in the link below.

Apr 11 at 5:47am

Thunderbolts Project Contributor

Andrew Hall: Earth’s Cyclone-Sheared Surface | Space News

The geological features of our planet tell an astonishing story โ€“ a story that defies explanation based on standard theoretical processes. Natural philosopher, engineer and Thunderbolts contributor Andrew Hall explores theoretical pathways which draw analogs between Earth geology, and some of the most powerful atmospheric phenomena seen in the solar system.

From part six of his “Eye of the Storm” Thunderblog series, Andy explains some of the many earthly features which show all of the hallmarks of surfaces sheared by powerful cyclones, such as the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. The key to understanding can found in the properties and nature of water as the charge carrier, the electric wires of the circuit.

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