Paycheck Protection Program Set To Run Out Of Funding | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Well .. the Congressional $350BN is now depleted and none of us have received ANY of it, but Billionaires who were leasing out their Yachts 3 times a year and now are now receiving those expected ‘leases’ and are losing some pocket change, from their perspective, have ALL piled on and taken all that money that Congress PROMISED would go to Small Businesses. They still cannot even file their claims because the websites don’t work and the banks are slow to act because they are not clear on whether or not these loans can be expected to be paid back?? WTF!?  NOW – Congress is going to have to come up with another minimum $250BN and THAT amount will only last for another 2 months!! I don’t know about YOU but I WANT MY FUCKIN’ MONEY – NOW!!!

A new federal program to help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic is running out of money and falling short in the industries and states most battered by the crisis, according to a report. Stephanie Ruhle discusses. Aired on 4/16/2020.


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