Researchers stop COVID-19 drug trial after 11 patients die

I posted on this subject more than once over the past weeks — ..

hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous but effective treatment for Malaria. There has NEVER been a vaccine or successful treatment for Malaria until this drug – but it is used only as a last resort and has many Grave side effects and is not something to be taken lightly. NOW – Because DumbAss Doofus owns stock in a primary company that manufacturers this drug he CONTINUES to promote this drug INAPPROPRIATELY and RECKLESSLY everyday for NVC-19.. HE IS A ‘CARPETBAGGING’ SNAKE OIL SALESMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!! And he is killing people – even in clinical trials. He is a Misanthropic, psychopathic, megalomaniacal, sociopath with NO CONSCIENCE!! 

A recent clinical trial in Brazil highlights the dangers of two potential COVID-19 treatments: chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

15 April, 2020

  • Scientists around the world are currently experimenting with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as potential treatments for COVID-19.

  • Despite some early reports suggesting that these antimalarial drugs may help prevent and treat the disease, there’s still no solid evidence showing that they’re a safe and effective treatment.

  • The recent trial in Brazil suggests that high doses of chloroquine are toxic and should be avoided.

A small clinical trial in Brazil suggests that one potential treatment for COVID-19 comes with life-threatening side effects.

As the world searches for effective COVID-19 treatments, some nations have authorized doctors to give patients antimalarial drugs as part of experimental clinical trials. These trials show some indication that the drugs, chloroquine and the closely related hydroxychloroquine, may be effective at treating and preventing COVID-19.

Early reports from China and France, for example, suggested that the drugs may help improve patients’ conditions. But health experts have cautioned against overhyping the results, flagging methodological issues in the research like not including a control group or having a small sample size. To date, there’s no solid evidence showing that these drugs effectively treat COVID-19 or block coronaviruses from infecting cells.

What is clear, based on previous research and the new trial in Brazil, is that these drugs can cause serious side effects, particularly among those with heart conditions…


  1. But back to the subject – IMO because of the nature of Malaria and how often it mutates and mosquitos in The Amazonia area cannot be killed or even controlled. Malaaria is the one single reason I never visited the Amazon.. sad but true!!

  2. It’s also used for lupus because it is an immune suppressant. Thus, I think that it’s potentially useful only if you are on death’s door due to cytokine storm. Italy has a traditional drink with quinine in it. The Canadian version is called Brio. It doesn’t seem to be helping them, unless that’s why the south as less. Tonic water has it too. However, we don’t need immune suppressants, as general immunity is our frontline defense.

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