Coronavirus crosses Avenida Italia, the focus remains on the coast

It is time I began to address our local issues here in Uruguay – specifically Montevideo but all of the country too – so this is the latest I could find on the NCV in Uruguay, mostly Montevideo and I will address the rest of the country upcoming. This story dated April 26, 2020 has a lot of light to put on the latest situation locally with NCV. 

The main focus continues to be in the “richest” neighborhoods and, if you look at it on a country scale, in Montevideo.

Sunday, April 26 2020 11:11 AM

To see the FULL ARTICLE with great interactive graphics please visit this page of the original article..


  1. What’s up Johnny hope everything’s OK with you I haven’t talk to Steven in quite a while I heard the John John is in jail Hope you’re doing well

    • Hi Ray.. I’m doing great down here. I commute back and forth between Brasil and Uruguay, right now I’m in Uruguay. Things here are really good for me – I’m healthier and I can afford to live a better life. Latin America is such an amazing place – from the ruins in Peru and Bolivia to Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brasil. I’ve never been happier..

      Is Stephen still in Cali? If you have a number or email for him I would love to contact him – let me know via my Gmail account – not here. If you ever take a Sunday Morning Ride this far south let me know.. I know some really awesome places for riding. Hope to see you sometime.. keep in touch I’ll do the same.

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