Exposing Nigerian online love scammers | 60 Minutes Australia

People all over the world – WITH MONEY – can’t seem to find Love even if they PAY for it… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,  ha,  ha, ha, ha,  ha, ha,  ha, ha,.. turns out there is a Sucker born every second of every day.. why didn’t she just hire a “local gigolo”?? What a fuckin’ DumbAss.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. I would have taken her $300k too.. LOLROTF

Jul 16, 2019

(2011) Most of us have figured out by now, that transferring our life savings into a Nigerian bank account is a mug’s game. We know there’s no royal fortune. No multi-million dollar return. In fact, no hope of ever seeing our money again. Maybe that’s why the men behind those dodgy emails have moved on to scams that are more sophisticated and far more callous. Now they don’t just bankrupt their victims, they break their hearts as well. So we decided to take them on at their own game. We set up a sting of our own and it wasn’t long before the sharks took the bait.

Exposing Nigerian online love scammers | 60 Minutes Australia


  1. All your points have validity. All are happening everyday on the Net. My career field was as a Network Engineer so I am fully aware that not only Nigerians who are the originals and the ‘stars’ today in terms of “gross profits” per victim; but there is Asia, India, Indonesia and Russia who all have “skin in the game” too..

    My PRIMARY premise is you have to be extremely brain deficient thereby deserving everything you DON’T get by sending someone – over the internet – $300K to some ‘sight unseen email personna’. If you are OK with that than I want some too.. LOL I have NO EMPATHY or SYMPATHY for such people.. if brains were dynamite they couldn’t blow their nose!!!!

  2. Not just women. Another blogger who is a Bernie true believer and Chris Hedges true believer, etc., and is in his 70s (and disabled) got scammed by a Nigerian man pretending to be a girl in her 20s. These differences in age are not natural in my opinion. I think it serves him right, but I didn’t tell him so, even though I had told him the age difference was too great. I think that men are probably getting scammed more than women because they are looking for young girls instead of women their own age. I used to know someone who was chubby but wanted a skinny girlfriend. We told him to get a chubby girlfriend and diet and exercise together, but he wouldn’t listen. (He did diet and exercise to no avail.) And, he was in constant trouble. He went to Russia to find younger skinny educated women and inadvertently found out one was planning on accusing him of abuse so that she could stay in the USA and then he could have lost his job-gone to jail. LOL. I did once know of a couple who married and the man was in his 60s and the woman around 80. We thought it was strange at the time but the town was so small there was no one else to marry. They shared the same taste in music and she was lovely for her age and he was ugly.

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