Months Into Coronavirus Crisis, Federal Response Has Not Improved | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

The US Government is STILL trying to decide WHO is eligible to be tested for NCV!? Just because you want a test – doesn’t mean you will be eligible to GET one!! It is by “PERMISSION & REVIEW processes that not even your Doctor knows today?? WTF? Anyone who wants a Flu test or vaccine can have one for free at you local pharmacy!!!! WHY NOT FOR CORONA?? Now the Feds have just ‘updated’ the ‘standards’ for qualifying for a test a week and a half ago and NEVER ANNOUNCED IT TO ANY MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS OR HOSPITALS OR EVEN TREATMENT FACILITIES.. I am SO happy that none of those rules apply to me, good luck everyone with THIS ONE!! 

Rachel Maddow takes as an example among many of the federal government still bungling the response to the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., the CDC doing a remarkably poor job communicating important new guidance on COVID-19 symptoms. Aired on 4/27/2020.

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