System Update with Glenn Greenwald – The Three-Pronged Crisis Imperiling the Bolsonaro Government

Glenn lays out a very detailed and descriptive presentation of the current situation in Brasil here. Backed up by a detailed historical perspective and detailed time-line time right up to today! I was in Rio at a bar/grill on the Praia in Botafogo watching the voting of the entire Senates’ vote for impeachment of Dilma Rousseff on 31 August 2016 – and actually witnessing the end of the independent PT party and democracy itself. It was a sad day for Brasil because it brought in the far right winger led Michel Temer as interim President until the next legitimate election in October 28, 2018 when Brasil elected Jair Bolsonaro with 55+% of the total vote in the final round.  This, after criminally charging Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, previous President of the PT party so as to disqualify him for running again for President in Brasil – which is totally legal in Brasil – knowing Lula would surely have won the election hands down.  Some Lula background here:

Dilma Rousseff background here:

April 30, 2020

Live Stream original..

In the fifth episode of The Intercept’s weekly show, host Glenn Greenwald does a deep dive on the combined crisis of coronavirus, economic upheaval and a grave corruption scandal that is shaking Brazil. Watch as Glenn ties together the different sides of this crisis, and how it is affecting the biggest country in South America.

Video URL for viewing the live stream here:

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