Marked Change In Tone In CDC Meat Plant Reports Raises Questions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Looks to me like DumbAss Doofus has put a “muzzle” on the CDC Medical Investigations Teams. There major report just issued after the Sioux Falls Meat Plant inspections and conclusions. Rachel does a good job of nailing this BS report.. If we can’t get accurate and meaningful reports back from CDC inspectors then we are ALL in trouble!! Important story.. 

Rachel Maddow compares the formal, assertive language in a CDC guidance report on coronavirus safety for a JBS meat processing plant in Greeley, Colorado on April 20, with one issued for a Smithfield Foods pork plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota just two days later in which the language of the guidance and recommendations is notably softened. Aired on 05/01/2020.


    • Personally, I think the Big 3 – Russia, China and US have agreed behind doors to “not take seriously any put downs or accusations as they behind doors conspire to take control of their perspective countries and cultures.. it is all one big show for public consumption!!

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