FILM: Dr. Robert Schoch – Demise of the Ice-Age Civilization

Dr. Robert Schoch is one of the prime principals in science bringing together history, paleontology and anthropology together with cosmology to extend the thesis that earth and the sun have an on again and off again close relationship. Our sun can be destructive, deadly and random when it comes to ‘zapping’ us with enormous catastrophies here on earth. We have had to do a Full Reset back to the stone age more than once and even many times over our 2M year history here on earth! No I didn’t stutter.. listen up!

Feb 13, 2017

Is it true that an advanced Civilization existed prior to the end of the Ice-Age? If so, what do we KNOW about it, why did it collapse, what does the hard science say, & is the academic cover-up finally diminishing? Dr. Schoch visits the Forum, with a full account about such matters as worldwide Pyramids, the Sphinx’ real age, how remnants in Gobekli Tepe, Easter Islands, & elsewhere were prehistoric sacred sites. But we go much deeper. You will also hear the most likely cause to the climate change sweeping every planet of our solar system – including the most crucial fact for our civilization to heed, if we are to avoid our ancestor’s demise …

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