Former CIA officer reacts to reports about Kim Jong Un’s health

The reason Kim Jong Un killed his brother is to protect himself from being removed and replaced by his brother. The reason he didn’t kill his sister is he is confident that North Korea will NEVER have a female Leader of North Korea.. until NOW! IMO his sister is being ‘fast tracked’ to take over for Kin Jong Un and that may actually take place within weeks or months at most. We shall see soon.. although it may be temporary until she can then be replaced permanently!!

April 27, 2020

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in public in over two weeks and rumors are swirling about his health. Jung H. Pak, a former CIA officer and author of “Becoming Kim Jong Un: A Former CIA Officer’s Insights into North Korea’s Enigmatic Young Dictator,” joins CBSN’s Tanya Rivero with analysis.

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