Most Important Space Science Discovery | Dipole Scalable Universe

A large number – though not yet a majority – of Space Scientists who study all the “ists” of sciences; physicists, astrophysicists, cosmologists and Plasma Scientists, have published several peer-reviewed paper that when taken together conclude that the Universe is a dipole scalable plasma-filament-connected electric Universe. Period-full stop! The first to theorize on this was Birkland who said “it is the magnetic corpuscles of space that is fooling all the scientists today”.. followed closely by Alfen and Perrat leading to the conclusions you will see here in this video.. we are making some truly astounding discoveries about the Universe this 21st century – prepare for the death knell of the Fairy Tale Big Bang theory as it is already dead man walkin’ .. as usual comments are always welcome below in the comments section – I’m expecting some real polarized commentary from this one.. ENJOY! 😳👀😊

May 8, 2020

The Universe is a Dipole, a Scalable Torus/Jet Model..

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