Why haven’t I gotten my stimulus check? 6 reasons your payment might be a no-show

I personally went TODAY and tried all the tools available here to update my information on the IRS site even though the IRS says I am fully qualified and should just DO NOTHING AND WAIT – as stated in OTHER media – THEY DID NOT WORK! Some “tools” would not recognize my SSN; others would not let me put in a Foreign Country address as they did not provide adequate fields to do so, and after a few tries kicked me out and said, “Your information is NOT recognized, please come back another time and TRY AGAIN” – WTF – TRY AGAIN?? If it doesn’t work the FIRST FUCKIN’ TIME – WHY WOULD I COME BACK LATER AND TRY AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN!!

I still have yet to receive one dime of stimulus $$ even though I am both a veteran receiving VA disability monthly compensation AND I am on SSDI and have a Direct Deposit account for both of those disbursements!! THIS WHOLE STIMULUS THING  IS BS UNLESS YOU ARE A TAX FILER/PAYER!

Published: May 11, 2020 at 10:51 a.m. ET
By Andrew Keshner

Nearly 130 million people have received their stimulus payments, the IRS says. Here’s why you could still be waiting.

The IRS started cutting stimulus checks in mid-April, and it’s already gotten money to nearly 130 million people.

That’s good news for everyone who’s received the payments and now has $1,200 in hand to use as they see fit as the country copes with the coronavirus outbreak and its massive health and financial consequences.

But it’s another source of stress for everybody who’s still waiting for their money.

There are reasons for the delays, but, first, here’s where things stand so far on those checks: The IRS had distributed 128.3 million stimulus checks and paid out $218.4 billion, according to statistics released May 8. The $2.2 trillion relief bill called the CARES Act set aside $290 billion for direct cash payments to individuals and households.

The IRS started mailing paper checks bearing President Donald Trump’s autograph in what might otherwise be the memo line during the week of April 20, according to a timeline from the House Ways and Means Committee. The IRS was slated to put approximately 5 million checks in the mail each week for up to 20 weeks. The agency started mailing checks to the people who have the smallest incomes first, the timeline indicated.

It’s cold comfort to hear the check’s in the mail. In fact, it can be a real problem for many people who are tight on cash and eyeing bills whose payments are coming due or are already late.

Here are some reasons that you still may not have gotten a stimulus check — and, in some cases, what you can do to speed the process.

The IRS doesn’t have your bank-account information on file

Approximately 14 million Americans don’t have bank accounts, according to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. survey from 2017. That’s about 6.5% of American households.

The FDIC is urging people to open bank accounts so they can get their stimulus money quicker. (Consumers with bank accounts might also be bypassing pricey fees from check-cashing businesses — some of which can charge more than $100 to cash a stimulus check for a family of four, according to an analysis provided by Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez in a MarketWatch op-ed.)

After opening a bank account, consumers can submit their banking information to the IRS. If they don’t file tax returns (some people don’t make enough money to file), they’ll need to submit the account information via an IRS website for people who don’t file tax returns.

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