Something Appears To Be Wrong With Donald Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

DumbAss Doofus and his racial slurs thrown at an Amerasian reporter asking a legitimate question about NCV and why DumbAss Doofus keeps saying the US is doing the best of ALL other countries in testing – A LIE – and she pushed what difference that LIE makes when we have the highest death toll of any other country on earth – bar none!! Then he told her – this Amerasian reporter she should ask China – ask China he said.. then abruptly closed the news conference, gathered his toys and shiny objects, and went home when the press would not let that slur go and kept bringing the subject up.. WTF??!!

Rachel Maddow shares video of Donald Trump melting down and walking out on his own press conference, and wonders about the circumstances that have left him unable to function as the nation reels in a state of crisis. Aired on 05/11/2020.

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