Supreme Court Deciding Fate of Trump Tax Returns ­– Ari Melber & Neal Katyal Report on Tax Case

Ari and Neal break it down, step by step to help you understand what exactly is involved here today as DumbAss Doofus and Jay Secratario argue in front of the Supreme Court. Jay is such an insufferable, insipid asshole that just makes me want to ‘meet him in back of the school playground and wipe the concrete with his DumbAss.. what a punk he is!! He can’t even read.. watch him start over and over again trying to find the “courage”.. LOLROTF!! 

May 12, 2020

Today the Supreme Court heard a case deciding the fate of Pres. Trump’s long-secret tax returns – one of the most high-stakes cases of the Trump era. The court met by phone conference as a coronavirus precaution, with reporters listening on the line. For MSNBC’s special coverage, Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is reporting on clues from today’s argument and interviewing Neal Katyal, who represented the Obama Administration in a host of cases before the court as Acting Solicitor General, about this breaking legal news.

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