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I for one am so tired of posting factual stories – as this is with Dr. Neil Ferguson and his affair with a married woman with kids – while ignoring his own Authoritative Edicts to ISOLATE and QUARANTINE while he received $79M from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for his “HEROIC DEVELOPMENT of MODELS of the DANGEROUS threat of NCV if you don’t lock yourself up in your own house to save the World. The married woman says she and her husband have an “open relationship/marriage so she is free to “harlot” with who she chooses.

THERE COMES A POINT WHEN YOU MUST GET OFF OF THIS “CONSPIRACY THEORY BULLSHIT” AND WATCH WHAT THESE PEOPLE DO – NOT WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO!! You are being deceived by THIS conspiracy brought to you by the Global Elites. NORMAL is GONE FOREVER – IT IS NOT COMING BACK! There is only ABnormal right around the corner that will shock, disturb, deny your rights, tire and break you and destroy your previous view of what NORMAL used to be.. 

How many people do YOU KNOW who have died from NCV? THINK ABOUT THAT – HOW MANY? Please respond below in the COMMENTS section and let’s talk about why 9 out of 10 of you don’t know ANYONE who has died from NCV. TELL ME I’M WRONG – PLEASE??

May 13, 2020

Welcome to the 406th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.
This week: Story #1: UK Gov’t Scientist Neil Ferguson Resigns After Breaking Lockdown Rules To Meet His Married Lover https://archive.is/s49yf
How Neil Ferguson, Architect of UK Lockdown, Was Brought Down By Failing to Obey His Own Rules https://archive.is/XGfk3

Much more below..

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  1. In France there’s a 19% case fatality rate. It’s not admitted to be that high here, yet, though I bet it will be when the count is finished. The thing is that it hasn’t been allowed to move throughout the population yet, but it’s starting. We also don’t know how many are susceptible. So, if few have it, there won’t be many who die YET. I don’t know anyone who died of the flu either, to my knowledge. My father had pneumonia before I was born. The 1957 and 68 flu pandemics passed by unseen. My grandfather got the 1918 flu and didn’t die, and his mother ran a hospital. I don’t know if my other grandparents even got it. They were all alive past 1918. My great-grandparents didn’t die of it, either. It had a 10% case mortality rate and an estimated 1/3rd of the population got it.

    So, shall I conclude that flu and pneumonia don’t exist because I’ve never had it, never known anyone who had it (except one elderly lady years ago and my father before I was born) and never known anyone who died of it? I had thought my great-grandfather might have died of the flu but I think he died in the summertime before the biggest outbreak. My other grandfather was in military training and I don’t think he got it at all. He did catch malaria or something later.

    Do you know anyone who has died of flu?

    Notice who is denying that Covid-19 exists – Bolsanaro, Trump, and other right-wing extremists. They want it spread throughout the population so that it is easier to make us human primate guinea pigs for their pharmaceutical products, some of which may be more dangerous than the disease.

    Plus there is German born, former S. African, and Trump supporter Peter Thiel (Palantir) with his spy tech that is being used to centralize hospital data, track us, etc. He got New Zealand citizenship and NZ used discipline to snuff Covid out.

    I have heard of two people who got Covid-19. The only one who died of flu in my family that I know of was my great-great-great grandmother in the early to mid 1800s. So, is flu fake? If people even returned to handkerchiefs it would help. Covid-19 dies in a few hours in a cloth handkerchief and it’s a good way to cover your mouth. If someone coughs without covering their mouths you are supposed to hide your face in your arm.

    The big problem is mostly over-crowding and lack of manners. If no one coughs on you, breathes hard on you, or gets in your aura personal space I think the chances of getting it are probably small (unless in a closed space for an extended period). That’s if they have it. But, people have been raised without manners and they cough without covering their mouth and spit (which used to be illegal). The best way to prevent the spread would be to throw people in jail if they cough without covering their mouths. Also, who thought of this hare-brained idea of doctors shaking your hand? Or shaking hands in church?

    Does smallpox or measles exist? My parents had the measles but I’ve never known anyone to die of these. I did meet a polio victim, once.

    Does radiation exist? I can’t see it either.

    One primitive tribe believes that babies come from night moths. So, the babies belong only to their mother and her family. The proof that pregnancy doesn’t involve men, they say, is that even ugly women get pregnant. So do men have any role in making babies?

    The big crime is that first they should have been vigilent and kept it from spreading, like Obama stopped the Ebola from spreading. Secondly, they should have had a plan to let everyone be on lockdown 100% for almost one month, and then Covid-19 would be gone and finished. The hospital workers should have slept in or near work. The average incubation is 5.9 days but it’s up to 14 days. It takes around 10 days before people get really sick. So, 24 to 30 days should have been enough to snuff it out.

    They also sent poeple back to nursing homes and back home sick.

    Also a shortage of masks and protective gear for medical workers and care-givers.

    But, they don’t want it gone – that’s the problem. Instead, part of the population has been locked down for months and part has gone about business as usual. It’s the lockdown itself that is a hoax. Everyone out doing exercise in close proximity in parks or even hanging out and singing off our their balconies isn’t being locked down and might spread more than going back to work (whatever they say), because of the deep inhalation and exhalation, etc.

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