Coronavirus Conversations With Dr Paul – We Must Protect Our Civil Liberties – Dr Mikovitz Interview

Hypothetical – a single parent has 2+ kids. The parent gets sick and hospitalized with COVID. What happens to the kids if there are no relatives living in the same state most states automatically opt-in for the kids to go to CPS. That said – I highly recommend that all single parent, and dual parent families too, sit down with an attorney and make arrangements for custody of your kids with relatives first, then trusted and willing neighbors second. If you do NOT do this ahead of time it is likely that your kids will end up in your State Child Protective Services/Foster Care system and you will have NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!!!

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Paul Cottrell received his BS and MBA from Wayne State University, Ph.D. from Walden University and pre-medicial curriculum from Fordham University. He is currently at Harvard University for an ALM in Biology. His research includes using chaos theory to model financial markets and economic emergence.

His work on economic emergence contains new theoretical concepts of economic evolution and the creation of self organizational structures. Paul Cottrell on YouTube Dr Paul Cottrell Back Up Channel HERE Dept.of Health and Human Services California Letter Judy Mikovits, Disgraced Doctor at the Center of ‘Plandemic,’

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