FBI Seizes Sen. Richard Burr’s Cellphone In Probe Over Stock Sales | Morning Joe | MSNBC

These asshole Congressmen just feel like this COVID Pandemic is a big Money Making Deal for them to profit from. These guys need to GO TO JAIL and be held there pending their day in court just like they would do to ME!! 

The president on Wednesday criticized comments Dr. Anthony Fauci made during a congressional hearing about the risks of reopening the country too soon as ‘not an acceptable answer.’ The panel discusses. Aired on 05/14/2020.


  1. I wonder if Burr is being punished, however, because he hasn’t been perfectly lock-step with Trump. Wasn’t his committee a bit critical? There’s being guilty and being caught/punished.

    • DumbAss Doofus lowered the “ETHICS” bar across the entire government — it’s a free-for-all now and EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF (oh and let’s be fair – women too) TAKE EVERYTHING you can get away with and Fuck the people – WE only supply their Payroll w/o benefits of any kind for US.. they all SUCK!!!!

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