Months Into COVID-19 Crisis Trump Lacks Basic Understanding Of Key Issues | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

DumbAss Doofus primary problem is that he is a DumbAss Doofus! That said – the REASON he is a DumbAss Doofus is that he never had a proper education and without an education you have no hope of accomplishing anything at all. But is looks like the ‘voters’are beginning to see through all the smoke and mirrors and SEE this DumbAss Doofus for what he is — A DUMBASS DOOFUS! AND he is a cross-dressing freak.. LOLROTF!! 

Rachel Maddow shares the results of a new poll in which health care workers report shortages of masks and other protective equipment even after months of widespread public attention on the issue. Aired on 5/20/2020.

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