Trump Fulfills ‘Cartoonishly Evil’ Hypothetical; Threatens States | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

This Punk – aka DumbAss Doofus ought to be in Jail?? Where is the Congress on restraining this maniac? Send the Sargent at Arms over to the WH and ARREST this THUG SCUMBAG!! DO IT NOW!! .. But .. alas.. you won’t do that instead you will just continue to tolerate his abuse and go on about your lives instead of standing up for your country.. DISGRACEFUL!! The Pachyderms continue to run all over your JackAss party and YOU can think of nothing to do but.. NOTHING??!! WTF?

Rachel Maddow replays testimony from Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan at a Donald Trump impeachment hearing in which she describes a hypothetical situation in which Donald Trump attempts to extort political favors from a state in need of emergency funding, a situation that Trump has managed to make real. Aired on 5/20/2020.

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