Sen. Brown On Lack Of Health And Hazard Pay For Frontline Workers | All In | MSNBC

I just posted a notice of a documentary about horrible disaster of Du Pont Corporation poisoning the entire state of Ohio with its manufacturing of Teflon – now here we are at Ohio again for a completely different reason. Ohio and Gubernator DeWine and his buddy Steve ‘The Muhchkin’ Treasury Secretary want to open up Ohio on a fast path – without considering the potentially negative impact of an uptick and protection of frontline workers when – not if – when that uptick begins. Ohio just can’t seem to learn how to avoid disaster after disaster after disaster.. How deep the hockey stick uptick will be is yet to be seen but it WILL come – or as they say in Jamaica, “Soon Come Mon, soon come”!

Sen. Sherrod Brown: “We have a president who wants people to go back to work at all costs, even in slaughter houses where hundreds of people get sick.” Aired on 05/20/2020.

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