Brazil President ‘Looking The Other Way’ As Nation Becomes World’s No. 2 Coronavirus Hotspot

And to think — I actually applied for permanent residence in Brasil long before Jair! No Mais.. favelas are going to suffer greatly from this guy – my heart goes out to all those who live in favela and cannot leave. Be strong.. keep what is yours and don’t give it up. Your leaders are old and not healthy, they will all die soon on their own – and always remember there are many more of YOU than there is of THEM, it is THEY who should be scared and very careful! You can tell when Jair is talking shit — because his lips are moving.. LOLROTF!

NBC News’ Bill Neely: “There is a crisis here, but as far as President Bolsonaro is concerned, he’s looking the other way.” Aired on 05/22/2020.

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