New Biden Ad Slams Trump For Golfing As Death Rate Rises | MSNBC

Let’s go play some Golf.. says DumbAss Doofus.. while there is almost 100K people dead!! DumbAss Doofus is just a cross-dressing sissy who is dumb as a rock – OR WORSE!! WTF?

May 24, 2020

The Biden campaign is out with a new ad showing the president golfing over the Memorial Day weekend as the death rate from the coronavirus continues to rise. The panel discusses.


  1. You asked a couple of times if we know anyone personally who died and then I remembered that you know someone – Wynton’s father.

    • I have since met one other too – a Brasilano who passed a week ago supposedly from NCV in Rio. But as many people as I know in Brasil – the new HotSpot – no one I know has it or has had it – yet! As they bury hundreds of people a day in Rio alone.. it was so shocking to see an aerial photo of Copacabana Beach COMPLETELY abandoned, I mean EMPTY from one end to the other.. WOW!! Shocking! That beach always went 24/7/365

    • ALSO – if the DemWits run Biden they will LOSE THIS ELECTION! It is time the JackAsses brought in some new blood and let these septuagenarians go their own way and just DIE!! HE IS NOT THE RIGHT CANDIDATE FOR THE TIMES – AT ALL!! If he runs with Stacey Abrams maybe.. but still not likely the winning duo.. IMHO! Either way, means nothing of substance to me whether DumbAss wins or not.. 😊 ALSO: it appears that the shooting at the Florida Air Base that I called the next day as a ‘practice terrorists cell run/false flag’ turns out to be so according to the FBI..

      LAST BUT NOT LEAST! It’s not legal so I don’t think DumbAss will get away with it but he is setting up to blow off some more nukes in the Nevada Test Range so he can be a “ME TOO” club member.. what a fuckin’DumbAss!!

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